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Adhering to COFCO brand concept of “Source from nature, reshaping you and me”, brand LOHAS is devoted to providing healthy, safe, and natural food and drink for consumers.

“LOHAS” explores Lake Baikal, a superior quality water source, and brings the pure taste of nature to Chinese consumers.

LOHAS BAIKAL Natural Water: From Lake Baikal 430 meters deep, contains low sodium, low salinity, suitable for long-term drinking.

LOHAS BAIKAL Natural Mineral Water: From Baikal Lake, contains low sodium, appropriate amount of mineral and beneficial mineral mexta-silicic acid, the content of mexta-silicic acid is 25-100mg / L.

Ice Dew Chun Yue

Ice Dew Pure Joy is a bottled water brand with trusted quality assurance from Coca-Cola Company,aiming to serve consumers with "Trust in Every Drop".New packaging enables more comfortable drinking experience and fresher taste.Meanwhile,we are also committed to public welfare and social contribution.Ice Dew Pure Joy lets you rest assured to share it with your beloved ones,and brings you the pleasure of body and mind.

Ice Dew

Ice Dew is a well-recognized bottled drinking water brand developed by Coca-Cola China for many years in the domestic market.It has been committed to meeting consumer demand for high-quality drinking water by offering fresh taste and clear water.There are currently Ice Dew bottled water and Ice Dew purified drinking water available for sale in the market.

Chun Yue Fruit Water

CY Fruit Water is flavor extension and under the brand of Chun Yue, with lemon flavor & peach flavor, adding real juice and other ingredients into the water, without sugar and energy. Through carefully created formula and fashionable quality packaging design, attention is paid to consumers' taste appeal and healthy state of mind, bringing consumers diverse and delicious drinking experience.

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